Invest in Sharjah’s New Central Business District and Get 8% Net ROI Guaranteed for 10 Years

Arada Central Business District (CBD) is a new and innovative workspace located in the heart of Aljada, Sharjah, UAE. It is the region's first post-pandemic business district, and it is attracting corporates keen to lease both Grade A and Grade B space.

What is Central Business District (CBD)?

Arada CBD is strategically located in New Sharjah, a 24 million square foot mixed-use megaproject that contains everything people, businesses, and visitors need to enjoy a dynamic and productive lifestyle. Aljada is a place where living, working, learning, shopping, eating, relaxing, and playing all come together in a contemporary master plan that has been designed with both current and future generations in mind.

One of the unique selling points of Arada CBD is that investors will get an 8% net return on investment per year, for 10 years guaranteed by the developer Arada. Arada will handle everything with renting the property, so the investment is hassle-free for the investor.

What happens after 10 years and what are you actually investing in?

What you as a buyer or investor get is a office space in Central Business District. So you own a piece of property, a commercial office unit to be exact. After 10 years, you can either sell the unit, or rent it again. This is purely a investment purchase, so you can't occupy the office yourself during the 10 years lease contract, as Arada will handle the tenant and they've already secured contracts for the units with some of the biggest companies in the region. That's how they can offer you as a buyer, 8% net ROI from the first day of fulfilling the payment.

Here are some of the key benefits of investing in Arada CBD:

- Guaranteed 8% net ROI per year for 10 years

- Hassle-free investment, as Arada will handle everything with renting the property

- Strategically located in Aljada, a vibrant and growing mixed-use megaproject

- Access to a wide range of amenities, including retail, dining, leisure, and entertainment

- Sustainable design and construction

- State-of-the-art facilities and technology

    Arada CBD is a unique investment opportunity that offers the potential for high returns and a hassle-free experience. It is the ideal investment for investors who are looking to capitalize on the growing demand for commercial space in Sharjah.

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